Motivational owl knickers

The Magic owl underwear design is formed by thousands and thousands of colorful dots. This design has its genesis in motivation - you know how much time and effort is required to achieve something tangible, right?

gel pen dots

The vibrant colors of owl underwear coincide to our vivid dreams and wildest life ambitions. Everything is possible, even it seems impossible - this is why there’s a blooming owl’s tail on the back.

Stay motivated my lady friend, and keep striving towards your dreams!

magic owl underwear

owls tail bloom

owl lingerie

cosmic owl underwear

happy owl knickers

Author of the design is Latvian artist Baiba Lejina - also passionate sports enthusiast and graduate of Riga School of Arts and Crafts.

"Drawing for me is a kind of meditation that helps me not only to calm down, but also to ease my mind and thoughts or simply not to think of anything." 


More about Baiba and her art -

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