Happy 150th Canada!

Happy 150th Canada!

What better way to Celebrate Canada's 150th than with these custom, limited edition handmade panties! Available exclusively at Forever Yours Lingerie.

Photographer Lolita Epnere, model Annika Epnere

beaver panties

beaver print underwear

Beaver knickers

Wild poppy

St. Tropez vibes - photo project

St. Tropez vibes - photo project

Just less than a month ago I was kindly asked to lend high waist panties from Pink Noir collection for a photo project in Saaremaa island, Estonia. As I already had amazing previous experience with Häppening creatives, there was no doubt, I have to participate! The project team was incredibly lucky to get that one day when temperatures were reasonable for the photo shoot to happen. 
The project it self was planned four months ahead and the main idea was to replicate vintage bohemian freedom and style.

Photographer: Jane Prostang Photography
Models: Regina Martin (

True Lickstarter spirit captured by Birgit Varblane

True Lickstarter spirit captured by Birgit Varblane

Something good happens when you least expect it.. This spontaneous photo shoot was held in Tallinn, Estonia. Beautiful sunset lights of early April, balcony, roof top and very responsive model Alina - the ultimate kitten. Shot by Birgit Varblane. What do you think? 

lickstarter pussycat panties

i look great

cat underwear

sunset babe

free like a bird

Free as a bird, playful and always looking for some fun.

More photos from the shoot - here.


Motivational owl knickers

Motivational owl knickers

The Magic owl underwear design is formed by thousands and thousands of colorful dots. This design has its genesis in motivation - you know how much time and effort is required to achieve something tangible, right?

gel pen dots

The vibrant colors of owl underwear coincide to our vivid dreams and wildest life ambitions. Everything is possible, even it seems impossible - this is why there’s a blooming owl’s tail on the back.

Stay motivated my lady friend, and keep striving towards your dreams!

magic owl underwear