True Lickstarter spirit captured by Birgit Varblane

True Lickstarter spirit captured by Birgit Varblane

Something good happens when you least expect it.. This spontaneous photo shoot was held in Tallinn, Estonia. Beautiful sunset lights of early April, balcony, roof top and very responsive model Alina - the ultimate kitten. Shot by Birgit Varblane. What do you think? 

lickstarter pussycat panties

i look great

cat underwear

sunset babe

free like a bird

Free as a bird, playful and always looking for some fun.

More photos from the shoot - here.


Motivational owl knickers

Motivational owl knickers

The Magic owl underwear design is formed by thousands and thousands of colorful dots. This design has its genesis in motivation - you know how much time and effort is required to achieve something tangible, right?

gel pen dots

The vibrant colors of owl underwear coincide to our vivid dreams and wildest life ambitions. Everything is possible, even it seems impossible - this is why there’s a blooming owl’s tail on the back.

Stay motivated my lady friend, and keep striving towards your dreams!

magic owl underwear

Lickstarter collaboration with One One

Lickstarter collaboration with One One is an online platform of young designers worldwide with the mission to create unique products at affordable prices. This recently launched label has a knack for spotting the trends of the moment and knows to translate this into unique items with a premium look and feel. One One creates these items together with talented, emerging designers. These collaborations are always a good match and result in on trend, minimalistic lifestyle with a dash of Scandinavia and exciting aesthetics. The mission of One One? To bring this range of products to trend sensitive, aspirational people...

Wildies by Daina Jurke

Wildies by Daina Jurke

No doubt there is a similarity in shapes and structures between people and nature. Everything is connected. We are part of the nature! That's what this collection is all about - celebrating our being a part of beautiful and powerful mother nature.

SUUN is a design brand based in Riga (Latvia). Daina Jurķe is the owner and artist of the brand. Daina is a graduate of the Art Academy of Latvia (Department of Graphic Art), illustration addict and screen printing enthusiast....

What keeps me motivated?

What keeps me motivated?

There is no better prize than a good review or thank you letter from a happy customer. Even more joy is created when a girl sends me happy pic - wearing Lickstarter undies. This is why I am sharing my joy posting happy pics on my Instagram account @lickstarter_panties

This morning I received thank you letter from Danny, and I decided to post such letters here. =)


Just to say that the cat underwear brought some magic into play. My wife really adores it. And we have a saying here, "A Happy Wife = A Happy Life".... :o) So...